Support Overview

DNS Management Services backs its products with excellent support and training services.  

We believe the effectiveness and success of installing any software relies on training, education, and support.  Our maintenance agreements are the most affordable in the industry and include free upgrades within a version, while our training services are easily adaptable to your business’ needs.

We also offer User Conferences for our clients, with general sessions to review new features in our various products, as well as opportunities for hands-on training in a computer lab, networking with other hotel professionals, and much more.

All of our training and support staff are fully trained , so that we can all work together and be committed to each customer's success. 

Annual Support Contract

A one-year maintenance contract is available. This gives you unlimited free upgrades to new versions of the software and 24 hour emergency support.


To contact us:

Phone:  1 (246) 435-5740
Fax:      1 (246) 435-7182

Allied member of:

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