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InnQuest Software also sells hardware which we have certified to work with roomMaster 2000 and iQ-Point of Sale.  

Available hardware includes credit card receipt printers, thermal printers, cash drawers, and scanners. We provide you only with the highest quality products that work trouble-free with our software, and delivery is quick with second-day delivery standard.

All hardware sales are subject to the manufacturer's warranties. Hardware items are shipped directly from our supplier’s warehouse via FedEx 2-day delivery.

Keyboards and Magnetic Stripe Readers
We both a keyboard with integrated magnetic stripe reader, as well as a stand-alone magnetic stripe read. Both of these devices easily connect to your computer's USB port and can be used to insert credit cards (name, card number, expiration date) or drivers license information from select states (name, address, license number, date of birth) into roomMaster 2000. 

Keyboard with integrated mag stripe reader

Mag stripe reader

Receipt Printers
These receipt printers are used with roomMaster 2000 to produce credit card slips and special receipts (parking permits, baggage claim checks, vouchers, etc), or with iQ-Point of Sale to print receipts or kitchen orders.

Epson TM-T88IV is a thermal printer that provides fast and quiet printing, and loading new paper rolls is as simple as drop-and-go.

Epson TM-U220D is an impact printer suitable for printing receipts in roomMaster 2000 and iQ-Point of Sale.

Epson TM-U230 is a ruggedized impact printer designed for kitchen environments, perfect for printing kitchen orders in iQ-Point of Sale.


Epson TM-T88IV (thermal receipt printer)

Epson TM-U220D (impact receipt printer)

Epson TM-U230 (impact kitchen printer)

iQ-POS Touchscreen Terminal
This is a compact 15" touchscreen PC is the perfect solution for iQ-Point of Sale.  Windows XP, has an optional integrated card swipe, and all of the usual ports.

If you already have your own PC for iQ-POS, you may be interested in our touchscreen monitors, which are available with an integrated mag stripe reader.


POS Touchscreen PC

Cash Drawers
Our cash drawers are designed to work through a computer's serial port and a separate power supply, or directly from the receipt printer. roomMaster can be configured to open the cash drawer whenever particular account codes are used.

Cash drawer

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